Lorraine Bergmann

Lorraine Bergmann
  – stained glass artisan

Glass is a passion for me.
Their colours, transparencies, textures and the magical effect that this ensemble creates when light dances upon them. The desire to work glass, to conceive, assemble and produce, came to me when I was waiting for a child from China, where on some pieces certain special characters are noticeable. They are tales, legends, fantasies, dreams … and hopes. The colours  keep changing from dawn to dusk, and they tell stories that we hope to hear in moments we call our own.

Specially selected wood, serves as a base or altar, to hold the glass through which the light shines and shows its beauty. This effect, which I call energy, expresses what we have inside. If we sit still for a moment, it will bring calm, introspection and fun. The glass pieces were created with this momentum in mind.

In a world, where much is mass-produced, these ‘‘magic pieces’’ are designed and hand-crafted in a unique way. Every piece is an exclusive creation and is destined to one unique person. Part of the sales will contribute to cancer research.
Through thought and art, this is my mission.